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Rome or Bust - January 1, 2021!

The BHS Marching Band and Color Guard have been invited to participate in the 2021 Rome New Year’s Day Parade on January 1, 2021 in Rome, Italy. Only a handful of U.S. bands are offered a spot to participate in this exciting parade. They will have the privilege and honor of representing the school, state and country in this world-famous event as they march through Rome, Italy and into St. Peter’s Square where over tens of thousands of spectators throughout the world gather to receive the Pope’s New Year’s Day blessing.

The Rome New Year’s Day Parade takes place in conjunction with the World Day of Peace. The BHS Marching Band will march from Castel Sant’Angelo and proceed along the Grand Via Della Conciliazione finishing its parade route in St. Peter’s Square. Once in Peter’s Square, BHS will have the opportunity of a stand-still performance both before and after the Pope’s blessing.

In addition to the parade, BHS students will have the opportunity to explore much of the history that Italy has to offer, including Florence, Pisa, Rome and the ancient archeological ruins of Pompeii.


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